what we do

Together with our partners, we’re working to mitigate climate change and the strain it places on biodiversity, people, and economies. We seek solutions that place human well-being at their center and have the potential for long-term sustainability. Our commitment to creating lasting change means we’re willing to take calculated risks and operate outside the bounds of traditional philanthropic methods. Here’s how we do it.

Listen to people who live with the issues—and the solutions.

Focus on our shared challenges.

Find new ways of getting the job done.

blue moon employs a three-pronged approach. We work with institutions to develop sustainable practices and policies—which affect everything from global commodities trading to local land use decisions. We harness the benefits and lessons of the private sector to improve incentive structures and propel conservation action over the long-term. And we invest in scaleable technological solutions for energy, transportation, and rural development issues. Here are examples of how we employ this approach:

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