the future

When a foundation closes its doors, is it gone forever? We don’t think so.

When blue moon fund launched, it came with Diane Edgerton Miller’s vision of creating a foundation to be a living entity, one that evolves in an ever changing world to meet the needs of the people we serve. Instead of a building a a fund in perpetuity, she created one with a finite lifespan, a sunsetting foundation. By operating with an “expiration date”, it pushes us to take greater risks with our work. To this day, our approach is driven by program, not by process.

A sunset strategy requires foundations to think about each and every dollar they spend – it’s not as simple as writing a check. At blue moon, we do this by collaborating among staff, from program leaders to investment officers. Program staff inform and help guide the composition of the endowment, while the investment team participates directly in program strategy sessions.

A foundation is only as strong as its people. We’re hopeful that with our people-based approach, our mission will continue in the hands of our partners even after our doors close. To learn more about the partnerships emerging from blue moon, read “Moonset: Looking Back, Looking Forward“.


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