The blue moon fund has a multi-stage grant review process comprising an eligibility quiz, the consideration of letters of inquiry, and--by invitation only--the consideration of full funding applications.  Please note that we consider only inquiries and submissions that come in via our website.  We do not accept inquiries by mail, email, or telephone

Eligibility Quiz and LOI Submission

If you are interested in receiving blue moon support, please take our grant eligibility quiz .  If your project meets our general requirements, you will be directed to a link through which you may submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).   

We review letters of inquiry on a monthly basis, and we will contact you if we are interested in hearing more about your project.  We regret that, due to limitations on staff time, we are unable to respond to inquiries that do not fit in with our programmatic goals.  If you do not hear from blue moon within ninety days of submitting an LOI, you may assume that your project does not match our current grantmaking objectives. 

Full Grant Applications

A member of our program staff will contact you if we are interested in receiving a full grant application from your organization.   If you are an invited applicant, please click on the appropriate link:

Domestic Organization
Foreign Organization

Click here to return to a saved application:

Saved Applications

If you are a new applicant, you will be prompted to set up an account. Both new and existing applicants must enter the invitation password supplied by blue moon before proceeding to the application screen. The final page of the application form contains a list of required documents, some of which must be compiled using blue moon’s templates. Templates and sample documents are available here.

Your application is ready for submission when: 1) you have completed the application form in full, 2) you have attached all required documents or we have given you express permission to leave out certain materials, and 3) all of your materials are free from significant errors and ambiguities. Please note that blue moon will defer your application until the next grant cycle if it is not substantially correct and complete by the deadline provided to you by your program officer. Please email or call 434-295-5160 x.217 with any questions you may have.